Luxury Chocolate Easter Eggs and Handmade Gifts by Post

Ordering Online - All Rumsey's products are a flat fee of £3.99 UK Delivery. Should you spend £100 your delivery is FREE. With every Easter Chocolate order you can add a personal message to be on a handwritten card to be enclosed with your order. We also hand wrap every delivery with our signature branded gift ribbon.

Handmade Luxury Easter Eggs UK Gifts by Post Artisan Milk Dark Organic Chocolate Caramel Nutty Nuts Buttons Mini Bunny Lollipops Happy Message

Click and Collect -  Add your products to your shopping basket online and when you get to the payment screen you are able to select click and collect and choose either Thame or Wendover to pick up your order. 

Pickup Times - We are open in both locations on 2nd April Good Friday and Easter Saturday the 3rd - collect between 9am and 4pm. 

Organic Chocolate Large Artisan Easter Eggs

If you have any queries first of all Send a Message Online, you can call the cafe's direct - Rumey's Thame on 01844 260303 or Rumsey's Wendover on 01296 625060.

Handmade Luxury Easter Eggs UK Gifts by Post Artisan Milk Dark Organic Chocolate Caramel Nutty Nuts Buttons Mini Bunny Lollipops Happy Message

Rumsey's luxury organic chocolate Easter Eggs are presented in a beautiful branded box with our logo and a little tray underneath the hollow egg with corresponding flavours of handmade chocolates available in our Create Your Own Chocolate Box:

  1. Organic Milk Chocolate Egg - At 400g this showstopper is paired with 3 of the following individual artisan chocolates: Handmade Fudge, Vanilla Truffle and Almondine flavours.
  2. Large Dark Chocolate Egg 400g - This delectably dark Easter egg is filled with 9 of Rumsey's award winning handmade dark chocolates, the Rumsey's organic Log, Mexican Vanilla flavour and Orange Seville citrus for the perfect pairing with dark chcolate.
  3. Luxury Caramel chocolate Easter egg - Not only does Rumsey's artisan chocolate taste so much better than mass produced eggs, you get significantly more chocolate too! Comes with a trio of Salted Caramel truffles, 3 x Golden Caramel and 3 x Caramel Florentina
  4. Go Nutty with our exclusive Handmade Easter Egg with Nuts - Of course your top 3 favourites are included: 3 x Macadamia, 3 x Brazilia Brazil nuts and 3 x Hazelnut Clusters.

Please note: We are taking pre-orders to ensure your chocolate is freshly made, these Easter Eggs will not be dispatched until w/c 15th March onward (on a tracked 48h delivery service via Royal Mail).

Handmade Luxury Easter Eggs UK Gifts by Post Artisan Milk Dark Organic Chocolate Caramel Nutty Nuts Buttons Mini Bunny Lollipops Happy Message

Handmade Chocolate Easter Gifts for Kids

Since 1981 when our Master Chocolatier Nigel Rumsey was a fully trained chef, creating chocolate treats for children has always been a priority for little sticky fingers and faces! Here's a selection of the Rumsey's handmade sustainably sourced chocolate delights for the kids to get 'eggcited' about:

  1. Box of 18 mini eggs - Individually handmade and coloured foil wrapped mini eggs. Choose from milk, dark or white chocolate - or select one of each type!
  2. Easter Animal Shapes - A mini mix of solid ducks, eggs, rabbits and sheep all handmade from a mix of milk, dark and white chocolate created in small batches. 
  3. Chocolate Message Lollipops - Milk chocolate lollipop - select either a "Happy Easter" message or a beautiful handmade Easter Bunny shape. 

Artisan Handmade Chocolate Buttons - Everyone's Favourite

All cardboard that is used for Easter Eggs and Chocolate Gifts is recyclable and the plastic window and tray cover are made from rPET (recycled plastic) and are also widely recyclable. The Rumsey's sustainably sourced chocolate milk buttons are individually handmade, the eggs weigh 300g.

  1. Milk Chocolate Button Easter Egg - Handmade milk chocolate Easter Egg with Rumsey’s well-loved milk chocolate buttons.
  2.  Creamy White Chocolate Button Egg - For a pure white chocolate pleasure our white chocolate buttons are the best fit, each of these buttons are mouthwatering and always leave you wanting more! Also available is white chocolate coated golden honeycomb.
  3. Dark Chocolate Egg with Button Tray - Our dark chocolate is gluten free, dairy free and suitable for those following a vegan diet. Browse our full handmade dark chocolate range here.

We know when Eastertime is coming around when we see the new Spring daffodils begin to bloom. Taking a walk through a local wood or nature reserve will bring other little splashes of colour from yellow and purple crocus flowers, and of course the wild bluebells.

In early 2021 with lockdown restrictions still in place an Easter Sunday church service may not be possible this year, and with the weather bringing more and more sunshine and longer hours in the day, it's time to plan some outdoor activities for the little ones in our family and lives.

Easter Weekend Things To Do In The Garden with the Kids

Once you have finished your Easter egg hunt, maintain the outdoors feel and get the family involved with a few things to prepare for the summer season.

Start a kitchen garden with the kids - If you don't fancy starting the sunflowers from seed, head on over to your local DIY store as their garden centres should stock vegetable, herb pots and salad-leaf starter plants that have been pre-grown by brand experts.

Did you know? It's a tradition to plant potatoes on Good Friday! At this time of year you can also plant shallots (small onions), garlic bulbs and rows of onions as well as asparagus patches.

Have a worm collecting contest whilst weeding. Now is a great time to remove dandelions, docks and other deep-rooted weeds – their grip isn’t as tenacious this early in the season. Be prepared to repel slug invasions and out pellets on your shopping list for later in the year.

Kids love to get dirty - Mulch plants by applying a layer of bark chips or other well-rotted organic matter to feed them, suppress weeds and conserve moisture in summer.

TIP: Sweet peas are a huge natural help to make your vegetable flowering plants thrive, bees completely adore the scent which comes in extremely handy for cross-pollinating your garden and allotment selections. We recommend to plant out the sweet peas next to a trellis support or a triangle of bamboo canes. Remember the summer favourites - secure strawberry plants into patio planters or moss lined hanging baskets for a tasty and aesthetically pleasing crop this summer 2021.

Use liquid feed in your your pots and patio containers to enrich the soil/compost, it's easy to brighten them up with happy yellow primroses (which are very cheap to buy), there's also violas, pots of spring bulbs and hardy spring heathers in all colours. Right around Easter time Summer bedding plants like marigolds, begonia and viola are readily available as baby starter plants, ready to grow in your back yarden.

Chop 'em back - It's time to prune shrubs with a clean, sharp pair of secateurs, fine sandpaper can be used on some blades to remove small spots of surface rust. Of course, opt for a saw for thicker wooden branches.

On colder, wetter Easter weekends , you could always re-pot house plants whilt in the kitchen. Choose the sunniest of your windowsills to double as mini-greenhouses to sow your chosen seeds into pots. In preparation for replanting later in spring remember to label them!

Grass grows greener - Love your lawn a little more by cutting it regularly and trim the edges little and often. April is the known as the best calander month of the year to reseed any grass-devoid bare patches as the sun grows warmer and higher in the sky each day.

Upcycle and Paint Afresh - Revive existing wooden garden furniture or ask around for donations of pallets and make your own. Use a water-based wood colour for barrel tubs and trellis. If your wooden garden furniture suffers with algae and dirt, choose a dry day and use sandpaper, it’s low-cost, effective and an old gardener’s trick.

Is your BBQ under cover? Check the barbecue is free of cobwebs and bird's nests, give it a test drive and fire it up to working order and add cylinder gas or charcoal to your April shopping list.

Easter Sunday at the Garden Centre - Buy and plant hardy trees, shrubs, climbers and perennials. For the front of your home, potted topiary plants are a super accessory – consider a pair of bay trees for either side of your front door which elevates your property with a touch of elegance.

A trellis will create some privacy around your seating area, you can also relocate screening plants or topiary in large garden patio pots. Alternatively, pick a new secluded spot on your property and add a wooden arbour or a garden arch to a family-sized gazebo to retreat to should you need some shade to read later in the year, watching your children pick strawberries and eating some Rumsey's Handmade Chocolate.

Handmade Luxury Easter Eggs UK Gifts by Post Artisan Milk Dark Organic Chocolate Caramel Nutty Nuts Buttons Mini Easter Bunny Lollipops Happy Message

March 05, 2021