Rumsey’s have a large selection of all things dark chocolate! Our luxurious blend of dark chocolate is used to make some of our wonderful handmade products. Choose a selection of dark buttons that create the perfect powerful bite that's a true taste sensation. Alternatively taste our dark chocolate honeycomb: a golden crunch coated generously in dark chocolate. Our mint leaves are a delicate blend of dark chocolate and peppermint oil spread handmade in a leaf shape and all hands wrapped in different colour foils that change for each season. 

Rumsey’s have a large selection of individual dark chocolates all made with locally sourced ingredients in many different variations, including liquor flavours, nutty and creamy soft centres. 

Our dark chocolate is gluten free, dairy free and suitable for those following a vegan diet. Our Praline Cocoa, Brazilia and Orange Marmalade Marzipan are firm Vegan favorites in our selection of individual dark chocolates.