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Eight episodes of ITV’s long-running detective series, Midsomer Murders, have been filmed in Thame. Whilst the real-life Midsomer Murders locations are spread across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, Thame is is 'the 2nd most-filmed town in Midsomer’. 

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In ‘Picture of Innocence’, Rumsey’s Chocolaterie in Thame became Madrigal’s camera shop in the fictional village of Luxton Deeping. Once filming had finished, Nigel Rumsey created a new recipe and introduced the Barnaby Bun to their menu in celebration. 

Thame has hosted both John Nettles and Neil Dudgeon as the shows lead character Chief Inspector Barnaby.

You can download a self-guided walking trail of Midsomer locations in Thame here. 

Rumsey's Barnaby Bun Midsomer Murders