Branded Corporate Chocolate Gifts - Handmade and Fresh

We make personalised, corporate branded handmade chocolates for any business occasion, from an office birthday to an award ceremony, a sweet treat on a corporate day out or an extravagent evening ball. Send an enquiry using our online form, or call 01296 625060 to tell us your ideas for your personalised chocolate design.

Choose from a combination of white, dark and milk chocolate, popular flavours include mint and ginger. Hand decorated fresh chocolates always leave a sweet taste in the mouth, together with a long lasting impression of your company message.

Corporate Gifts of Fresh Handmade Chocolates - Personalised with your company logo and bespoke business message

Making it easy to personalise for you or your recipient with:

  • Custom tags
  • Ribbons in a range of different colours
  • Handwritten personal messages
  • Logos can be imprinted in gold leaf

Anything else - what ideas do you have? It's possible to provide you with an exclusive product that has not been suggested ... solid chocolate cars, trucks, airplanes, cows, shoes, bricks. Our latest line features Chocolate golfing sets, of course at Christmas you can show off with a giagantic hollow Father Christmas figurines!

Rumsey's currently supply many of the different colleges at Oxford University - chocolates and branded mint thins for their formal dining and events. Local Buckinghamshire independent schools such as Stowe School & Ashfold also enjoy our chocolates for special occasions and gifting.  We are also proud to supply to the Rothschild Group at Waddesdon, including luxury chocolate gift boxes to accompany their wines.

Spead Chocolate and Cheer - Award Winners

 Corporate Chocolate Gifts 2021 UK Handmade Fresh UK Personalised Company Custom Message Business Logo Hand Wrapped Rumseys

Creating products that make people feel special is our main aim. As well as delivering orders to your offices we also provide a postal service for individual deliveries, currently to lots working from home. As a nice touch we also add in a personalised handwritten note into each box, if desired.

Personalised Hand Decorated Fresh British Chocolate

All of our ingredients are sourced locally where possible, we partner with a British dairy and hand craft our chocolate creations on-site in both locations, Thame and Wendover. Our personalised chocolate gifts for both clients and their employees (opticians, solicitors, estate agents and many other wonderful businesses) are always a big hit. You have the choice of creating branded tags, ribbons and even personalised messages piped in chocolate. Send an enquiry today.

Fresh Chocolates and Handmade Truffles with Custom Message

All year round

Luxury gift boxes (from 2 to  30 chocolates)
Stem Ginger
Chocolate Buttons
Chocolate Honeycomb
Chocolate Message Lollipops


Chocolate Christmas trees
Bags of Stars
Easter Eggs
Mini Eggs
Halloween Shapes

And with a fast turn available on most of our range we will do our best to help any order happen.

Corporate Chocolate Gifts UK Handmade Fresh UK Personalised Company Custom Message Business Logo Hand Wrapped Rumseys

Rumsey's Handmade Chocolates are locally produced in small batches, in house at our premises in the Chilterns, allowing us to accomplish a product of the highest quality.

Award Winning Family Business - As you may (or may not) know Rumsey's Handmade Chocolates have made some changes over the last year, cumulating with an award for winning The Family Business of The Year. These changes have been made to refocus us on our ambition to make the very best handmade chocolates. When we first opened almost 20 years ago our vision was to create a wonderful chocolaterie; a place you'd come to buy our handmade chocolates and, if the mood struck, enjoy a hot chocolate or piece of cake whilst watching our chocolatiers at work.

We are now going back to that ethos. Whilst the last 18 months have been difficult we have had a record-breaking year of our online sales. Kate Rumsey, Managing Director said "I feel so proud to know our chocolates are now being enjoyed across every corner of the UK." 

Over the last year the team at Rumsey’s Handmade Chocolates made gradual changes to the chocolate filled website, a highlight being the new "Create Your Own" section which aims to replicate the experience of selecting chocolates in person from our display cabinet. This has been a big hit with customers now being able to select the exact combination of flavours to suit their specific tastes.

Rumsey's army of loyal fans locally is growing larger every day, with now almost 2,500 from across the UK now subscribed to hear more chocolate news and be kept up to date on new product ranges and seasonal chocolates.

Kate Rumsey continued "One of the biggest positives of this last year is receiving incredible reviews and feedback from new customers. We have so many 5 star trustpilot reviews and each time one comes in it makes us smile." The teams most recent favourite chocolate reviews were:

"Life would be perfect if I could eat nothing but Rumsey's chocolates.
But having them as a treat - one a day - makes them all the more special. I love the distinctiveness and depth of the flavours, the size of the chocolates (a good mouthful), and being able to make a selection of just my favourites.
Definitely my favourite chocolatier."
"Stunning chocolates!
I've tried handmade chocolates from every corner of the country over many, many years and these are simply amazing!
Right now, there's stiff competition from one or two others, but of all the independent chocolatiers, department stores and specialist high street brands I've tried, these are in a league of their own. I don't say that lightly..."


The team at Rumsey's work incredibly hard to ensure every chocolate that is made is of perfect quality. Individually hand made and hand wrapped. We believe that chocolate is something special and that you can taste the quality of craft that comes from being handmade.

Whilst the Rumsey's chocolaterie menu may no longer include savouries it is more than made up for by the stunningly delicious range of chocolate, cakes and ice creams. The future looks bright, and chocolate filled - come and visit us to experience the sesnsation of fresh, British chocolate direct from our cafes.

June 21, 2021