Handmade Chocolates - Flavours of the month July 2021

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Take a look at this our first chocolate menu above, and you’ll see some familiar handmade chocolate treats.

Dairy Maid, Olde English, Champagne and more are still made to the same original recipe today. As well as these Rumsey’s classics our chocolatiers always work on new, seasonal handmade chocolate flavours.

Luxury Handmade Champagne White Chocolate Truffles

Champagne chocolates are a wonderfully delicious addition to any special occasion. Our chocolate chefs first make a white chocolate and champagne ganache. The ganache is left to set slightly and then cut into cubes, which our chocolatiers hand dip in milk chocolate. Each individual chocolate is finished with a beautiful edible cocoa butter decoration.

Rumsey's White Chocolate - Dairy Maid

Dairy Maid is one of our white chocolates. It’s a creamy vanilla ganache piped delicately onto a milk chocolate shortbread biscuit, then hand dipped in another layer of white chocolate.

Attention to detail means we finish each chocolate individually with a dark chocolate dot decor on top, just to finish it off. One of our most popular chocolate with all ages and featuring in almost all our chocolate gift boxes.

Dark Chocolate and Treacle - Our Olde Traditional Chocolate

Our Olde English chocolate is the perfect traditional taste - a black treacle and brown sugar ganache with a beautiful milk & dark chocolate topping. The chocolatiers work their magic to make a wave like pattern through the milk chocolate layer, which is then left to set before dark chocolate fills the gaps.

This chocolate is a timeless classic and has always been a very popular choice from our chocolate cabinet. Try one for yourself in one of our Create Your Own chocolate boxes.

Luxury Handmade Chocolates UK Rumseys Chocolatier Vacancy

What Actually is a Chocolatier?

Being a chocolatier is perhaps one of the best jobs ever, but there is often some confusion about whether or not they make the chocolate from cocoa beans... they don’t! This is a whole other art form that is about buying great cocoa beans, roasting and grinding them to produce chocolate.

This is a job done by Chocolate Makers. Chocolatiers are chefs, who like all great chefs, know that they need the very best ingredients. They are the chefs who take the best chocolate they can find and fill it full of other delicious flavours (praline, honeycomb, mint, passion fruit) to turn it into something even more wonderful. It is about being creative and technically perfect.

Tempering and working with chocolate requires patience and perfectionism.

Nigel Rumsey came into the world of chocolate with thirty years’ experience as a Pastry Chef and this has provided the knowledge and skills to become a Master Chocolatier of distinction.

Apply to be a Chocolatier with Rumsey's

Think this all sounds great? Well we are currently recruiting for a chocolatier.

If you have three or more years of catering experience and a passion for all things sweet then we’d love to hear from you. Find our email on our Vacancies Page and send us your CV and a short covering letter.

You don’t necessarily need chocolate experience (although a bonus!) as we are ready to teach an enthusiastic chef the art of our world of artisan handmade chocolate.

We will also be shortly be offering an apprenticeship role in out chocolate team, keep an eye on our website for more information later in the year.

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