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In the UK there is a popular community of traditional chocolatiers around the Nation who make fresh artisan chocolate truffles by hand. Specialist artisan chocolatiers like Rumsey's add an extra bit of love and tenderness by only handcrafting chocolate creations and truffles fresh, and front scratch.

Using traditional methods honed by Master Chocolatier Nigel Rumsey - who began his Chef training back in 1981 - 40 years later in 2021, his dedicated family know exactly what to do intuitively on the rare occasion that something is awry.

The Rumsey's team are consistently testing and developing new ideas, flavours and take on board customer feedback for favourites. This is how the concept of our famous Create Your Own chocolate gift box was contrived.

Chocolate Truffles - Create Your Own Gift Box

Bespoke Make Your Own Chocolate Box with different flavours

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We have a huge variety of truffle ganache flavours, for the nut lovers we create: Almondine, Hazelnut Clusters, Macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts (vegan) Brazilia, Praline Cocoa (Vegan), Pistachio Marzipan and Praline Diamonds.

Fancy a tiny tipple? Choose from Baileys, Black Cherry Cointreau, Gin Tower, and Champagne ganache filled truffles.

For a fruity pallette try our famous Ginger truffles (also available as Ginger Leaves) Seville Orange, Passion Fruit, Mexican Vanilla truffle or Vanilla Fudge (printed with a beautiful daisy base)

Traditional flavours include: Olde English, The Cafe Supreme (coffee and Brandy), Dairy Maid (white chocolate and shortbread) Golden Caramel, Caramel Florentina and the chocolate Organic Log. We also sell a lot of Chilli Amaretto truffles (made with fresh red chillis) and the ever-popular Salted Caramel truffles.

 Handmade Praline Fresh Truffles UK Delivered Artisan Gifts Boxes Valentines Day 2021 Gift Him Her Mothers Day Birthday

Salted Caramel Fresh Truffles - Handmade Artisan

Around the year of 2011, salted caramel burst out in popularity in the UK, seemingly from nowhere, but the roots of salted caramel began in a country not too far away. You may have heard of the globally-renowned French chocolatier called Henri Le Roux? His first solely-owned shop is in Brittany, an area famed for producing huge quantities of quality salted butter. It was way back in the late 1970's he birthed the idea of salted caramel. Henri really wanted to differentiate his chocolate products from the many local patisseries, choosing to incorporate the famous salted butter export of the region. Le Roux spent years testing and tasting his salted butter caramel, which was an instant bestselling flavour, successfully placing his shop on the culinary map on France.

Wendover and Thame Cafes Serving Fresh Chocolates, Cakes and Snacks

Current opening hours December/January 2021 (takeaway only until further notice): Monday - Sunday 9.00am to 4.00pm for both locations at either the Thame Cafe, Oxfordshire and our flagship Wendover chocolaterie in Buckinghamshire.

Whether it's travelling between our two chocolateries in Wendover and Thame, or doing our deliveries to local restaurants, shops and colleges our van is often on the road locally.

Rumsey's Chocolate Van

If you see Nigel Rumsey - either on our van or behind the wheel - be sure to give him a wave. Nigel has been creating chocolates since 1991 and is loving know locally as "the chocolate man". We are very happy that the chocolate man now has a very fitting chocolate van.

Handmade Chocolate Truffle Artisan UK Delivery - Rumsey's create a variety of ganache-filled fresh truffles from salted caramel to Champagne. Make-your-own bespoke gift boxes and full with your favourite flavours. Buy fresh chocolates online now, they will keep for 6 weeks (if they last that long!)

What Ingredients in Salted Caramel Create The Distinctive Taste?

The human taste buds love the contrast of sweet and salty foods, which makes the mix an appealing treat, as sweetness mingles with the salt in the butter.

What exactly is a truffle? By definition, a truffle is made by creating a ganache (or crème ganache) which is usually made by heating 50/50 by weight of cream and finely chopped chocolate.

The process involves warming the cream first, then pouring it over the chocolate. This delicious-smelling mixture is then blended until homogenised. Butter can also be added to give the ganache a shiny appearance and smoother texture.

At this point our Rumsey's trained chocolatiers add liqueurs or flavouring extracts to enhance the taste. We then complete the truffle by hand-rolling in cocoa powder or dipping in molten chocolate. Some of the finishing touches include a topping with an edible Rumsey's logo button, transferring a pretty pattern to the base, or drizzling white, dark or milk chocolate across the top for extra flair.

When you treat yourself (or someone special) to fresh, artisan chocolate truffles, your mouth believe the difference between a lovingly handmade truffle versus a supermarket bought truffle. All of Rumsey's chocolates are made by hand, meaning they have benefitted from our tender care in every stage of the process. We strive not only for perfection, but to create a box of truffles with that WOW factor.

Handmade Fresh Chocolate Artisan Truffles 

Chocolate truffles can be tricky to work with, hence and lrge-scale machinery can replicate hand crafted chocolate truffles better than one of Rumsey's trained chocolatiers. The other important takeaway about true artisan chocolate is learning what some ingredients are to be avoided. You can a chocolate bar from any high street shop (or even from some chocolatiers franchise on the high street) and you'll see added ingredients such as E-numbers and artificial flavourings on the wrapping. Original truffles based on the steadfast French source recipes will never contain vegetable oil. This is how cheaper mass-produced chocolates can be sold at the most expensive mark up they can, by substiting a low-cost product instead of quality cocoa butter.

December 04, 2020