Rumsey’s have a perfectly delicious blend of milk chocolate, each bite of our creamy milk chocolate is like a velvety heaven! We have a large selection of milk chocolate products ideal for everyone's taste and occasion. Starting with our amazing milk chocolate buttons, perfect bite size discs for a melt in the mouth sensation. A selection of milk honeycomb, a crunchy golden piece of honeycomb hand dipped into Rumsey's milk chocolate creating a wonderful combination that lasts in mouth. 

We also have a large selection of our individual handmade chocolate that have been dipped in our milk chocolate, each chocolate is mixed with wonderful flavours, including nutty and soft centres. Praline Diamond, Vanilla Fudge, Hazelnut Cluster, Macadamia, Gin Tower are just a few of our many milk chocolate options. Each of these can be selected to make up of our artisan chocolate ballotin boxes. Add a handmade milk chocolate message lollipop to a gift as an added extra.