Ginger chocolate is a must! The fiery ginger taste just works so well smothered in dark chocolate. We have created a handmade individual ginger chocolate with a dark chocolate and stem ginger base, and a ginger infused centre which is then dipped into our tempered dark chocolate. A piece of stem ginger is hand cut and placed on the top, making every bite a ginger sensation. 

Want to know where your gingers come from? We use warm and spicy Buderim Stem Ginger which has been cultivated organically in Australia since 1914. It has gained global renown as the world’s finest ginger. This is the same stem ginger that we use to create our double dipped stem ginger, this ginger is dipped in our finest luxury dark chocolate by hand in small batches in our chocolaterie. After dipping once, it’s dipped again to give a thick coating around the spicy Buderim stem ginger, boxed and wrapped just for you.