Halloween Handmade Chocolates and Treats

Where did the Halloween tradition come from, from pumpkin sculptures to trick or treats knocking door to door? Once Spider-Man dresses up, enjoy delicious handmade Halloween-themed chocolates, or buy our Pumpkin Chocolate lollies to give away at a spooky party this year.

Inspired by Harry potter, we have created this magnificent, superb owl crafted carefully from marbled milk and white chocolate. It's a hollow Chocolate Owl figurine similar in creation to our handmade chocolate Father Christmas jolly characters!

White Chocolate Ghost Halloween Treat

These little fellas are only £8.50, the handmade chocolate ghost is carefully decorated with splashes of milk and dark chocolate. We think they are cute.

Handmade White Chocolate Halloween Ghost UK Chocolate Gifts by post Rumseys Chocolates Figurine Hollow

We offer a local Click and Collect service from our Wendover and Thame Chocolaterie Cafes. Buy online as usual, remember at the checkout screen input your address details, there is the option for FREE click and collect.

Our spooky but delicious bags of handmade Hallowe'en shapes feature pumpkins, witches and ghosts...

Baked Bones - Another simple but effective recipe is to mix 4 egg whites and sugar into a meringue mixture and place it in the shape of a bone before baking. Kids like nothing but biting bones on Halloween, and why not make hot cocoa for them too? Our hot chocolate flakes can make velvety hot chocolate in just a couple of minutes.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tip

Our favorite tip is to sprinkle cinnamon inside the Jack O Lantern. Thus, when the candle is heated inside, it has a delicious autumn scent of spicy pumpkin.

If you've been storing your pumpkin's face for months, finally use some plants to give it a whole new hairstyle. The possibilities are endless, from cress to cat grass, what seeds would you like to see?

Halloween parties almost always involve some sort of fancy dress. Although traditionally people would dress up as scary ghosts, monsters and vampires, it seems that any kind of fancy dress is acceptable. This is good if you have an old fancy dress costume in the cupboard from a party, but we think it’s nice to be a little scary for that trick or treat outing!

Remember that broken black umbrella you shoved to the back of the cupboard? Dig it out and turn it into bat wings! All you need is to pin it to a black outfit and attach some ears to a headband to complete the look.

If you’ve got hair that’s long enough to put into two braids, Wednesday Adams is another easy-but-effective costume. Find a black dress and wear a white shirt underneath; add some pale face powder and a disapproving expression and you’re done!

A skeleton costume can be done two ways. Either find a black outfit and use fabric paint to paint on the bones, or cut slits in a white t-shirt and put it over a black top for a more 3D look. Either way, don’t skimp on the face paint – those eye sockets won’t shade themselves.

Whatever your Halloween party plans, we hope you have a spookily good time! If you don’t have time to rustle up some home-made Halloween treats, then why not take a look at our scarily good Halloween chocolates? 

We maintain many traditional Halloween traditions, but modern celebrations have changed dramatically since the event began over 200 years ago.

Origins of Halloween Through The Ages

Halloween began more than 2000 years ago with Celts who lived in the areas of England, Ireland and northern France. They celebrated the New Year (late summer and early winter) on November 1st. The cold, dark winters of Northern Europe during this period are often associated with death, as the disease can have fatal consequences. The night before, on October 31, they believed that the ghosts of the dead would return to Earth to infest the creatures. They called it Samhain, and it was thought that their priest, the Druid, could use his dead soul to make predictions about the future. To celebrate this opportunity, the Celts wore animal skin costumes and created a large sacred bonfire to keep them safe.

From this point on, Samhain's Celtic celebrations were adapted, modified and decorated by subsequent invasive and dominant forces. The Romans mixed Samhain with their heartworm festival at the end of October. It traditionally commemorated the death of the dead. Centuries later, in the 9th century, the Christian Church sought to replace its own Christian version of Samhain, creating Day of the Dead as a church-approved holiday on November 2. Since it's Hallows (from Middle English Alholowmesse), the eve of All-Hallows was properly called All-Hallows Eve. October 31, the same day as Samhain's ancient Celtic celebrations, went around completely and became known as Halloween. Origin of Halloween tradition

There are various ways to celebrate Halloween, from dressing up, spoiling, and slicing pumpkins, why do you do that? Are your children old enough to try apple bobbing?

Put water in a bucket, put an apple in it, tie your hands behind it and bite the apple to win, which always guarantees giggles from parents and children alike. 

When the Romans invaded Celtic territory in 43 C.E., they brought apples and their gods. Pomona, the goddess of fruits and trees, was one of the gods they worshiped as a symbol of apples.

The Romans combined the celebration of Pomona with the Celtic Samhain ritual. This also explains the tradition of looking for apples. But over time, the apple tradition has also become a way to find her future lover. Each apple was assigned to a man, who pushed his head to find his future husband, chewed the apple, and pulled it out of the water with his teeth.

Well, this is a fun and complex way to get rid of the extra apples that arrive in the UK every SpookTober. 

In Olde Englande, The Celts believed that ghosts, fairies, and spirits would come on October 31st and saturate them with food and drink. When people disguised themselves as spirits and received sacrifices in their name, they believed it would protect them from the souls of the dead.

Centuries later, in the 15th century, from October 31st to November 2nd, Christians shared a soul cake (a cross-designed shortbread cookie). People visited the house and drank soul cake instead of praying for the souls of relatives who died in the house.

Wearing disguise or "dress-up" was developed at about the same time. The group dressed up and moved from house to house with poetry, playing small plays and singing in exchange for money, apples, or soul cakes. Some groups threaten disasters if not paid - The first written use of "Trick or Treat" took place in the United States in 1927 (many of the Halloween traditions were transferred there with British immigrants), with "back doors and frontal young martyrs." Explains the situation. Insist on edible looting by the world of "trick or treat".

How to carve a pumpkin for Halloween

Pumpkin sculpture at Jack O Lantern is a tradition derived from old Irish mythology. According to the story, the character Stingy Jack tricked the devil several times and promised not to claim his soul when he died.
So when the stingy Jack lost his life, the devil couldn't take his soul to hell, but God didn't allow anyone like Jack to enter heaven. The devil gave Jack burning coal from hell, and he began wandering on a dark night, just with coal to illuminate his path. He stabs a hollowed-out turnip of burning cabbage, and the Irish begin to call this ghostly figure the Jack of Lanterns for short. From Ireland, the story spread to Scotland and England, where people cut turnips, beets and potatoes and placed them near windows and doors to drive away Jack and other evil spirits.

Of course, on Halloween today, turnips and beats don't suit us. Immigrants from Europe brought tradition to the United States only when pumpkins grew wild in the area and became more

widely available. It also incorporates the pumpkin tradition, so it's very easy to cut out!

Halloween pumpkin sculpture ideas

Pumpkins may be easier to cut than turnips, but they're still not that easy! Here are some tips to make pumpkin engraving a little easier and some good design ideas to make it stand out from the crowd.
Try cutting the bottom first (and controversial) instead of the top. In this way, pumpkins are less likely to collapse later. If you want to cut off the top, cut it at a 45 ° angle. Otherwise, the lid will come off.

After removing all the seeds (remove the pulp and roast the seeds with a small amount of salt to bite), first draw the design on paper and then the marker on the pumpkin. Cut the design with a sharp knife.
After a few days, rub a little petroleum jelly into fresh slices to prevent the squash from looking a little bad on the pouch. This prevents moisture from escaping and keeps it fresh longer. If you forget, you can hydrate the pumpkin by immersing it in water for 8 hours.

Don't feel the need to cut the narrow face of a pumpkin, shed your creative juice! Why don't you choose your favorite emoji or record a message? If you're a beginner and want something cool, you can cut a simple polka dot pattern for a minimal and elegant look.

Food ideas for Halloween parties

Halloween party food is decadent and sweet, and in our opinion it must be chocolate food! Party meals don't have to be complicated, especially if the party has a lot of small things. Pack edible eye packets and use melted chocolate (our chocolate flakes are great for work) to paste anything from cookies to lollipops to give it a proper and scary look.

Or you can try making a chocolate sauce in a party bowl with chocolate flakes that everyone can enjoy. 

For a savoury feel, mix the cheese into ready-rolled supermarket puff pastry and cut into sticks. Add crushed almond toenails, paint with your favorite food coloring, and bake in the oven until golden brown and BOO! You have a plate of crispy twisted witch's fingers.

September 30, 2021